Simple Ideas For Chinese Wedding Decorations

Do you want your wedding day to have an Oriental flair? Chinese wedding decorations not only look elegant, but are simple to find and use. Here are some tips for bringing an Asian styled theme to our big day.

Chinese Symbols

The traditional Chinese symbol for marital bliss is the ‘double happiness’ symbol as can be seen in the chinese cake topper below.  This can be a wonderful theme for your wedding.  You could also choose the symbol for ‘love’ as seen on the ornament, below right.

chinese wedding cake topper meaning double happiness

chinese good luck symbols


Use cream or gold colored paper, rather than white, and inscribe your invitations with the Chinese symbols for love, double happiness, luck or anything else you want to use. Other images that would fit include dragons, a phoenix or cherry blossoms.

Reception Area

Chinese wedding decorations can be very simple. Hang a selection of colorful paper lanterns around the room, and hang a large paper Chinese dragon over the dance floor. Alternatively your lighting could consist of miniature chinese takeout boxes with a tealight inside.

Print out large Chinese symbols, again for love, happiness or whatever you like, and trace them on to red or gold paper to hang on the wall. Or, make banners out of red paper, and use gold writing, symbols and images.

Paper lanterns used as Chinese wedding decorations

chinese takeout boxes containing a tealight

Tables and Centerpieces

Chinese wedding decorations for your tables can also be simple. Use a red tablecloth, and top it with a gold lace overlay. Scatter confetti made of Chinese characters over the table. Place a delicate orchid in a tall, slim vase for an elegant, understated centerpiece. Or, use silver bowls filled with water, and float candles and lotus blossoms in it. You could be a little whimsical, and fill a large Chinese patterned bowl with fortune cookies. Or, lean a sandalwood fan against a paper parasol for an interesting centerpiece.

For place cards, look for holders shaped like fortune cookies, paper kimonos, fans or bamboo.

Chinese fortune cookie placecard holder for wedding

Lucky bamboo placecard holder for a Chinese wedding


Chinese wedding decorations make great favors as well. Small fans or parasols make nice gifts for women, and men will enjoy firecrackers. Candles with Chinese symbols on them work both as favors and as table decoration. Get chopsticks engraved with your initials and the date, and give those out. Or, fill small Chinese takeout boxes with assorted teas, fortune cookies and candies.

For personalised favors you can get some Chinese favor bags and fill them with treats of your choice.  Or for something really special chose a gold-colored fortune cookie keepsake that can be filled with a unique favor or keepsake.

chinese favor bags

gold fortune cookie keepsake


The most important thing to remember when using an Asian theme is that white is the color of funerals…not weddings! If you simply want to use Chinese wedding decorations, then go ahead and wear what you like. If, however, you want to be in keeping with Chinese traditions, then use reds and yellows. Chinese brides wear red gowns, sometimes with a jacket, embroidered with a dragon or phoenix. Carry peonies or orchids, or forgo flowers and carry a delicate fan.