3 Simple Ideas To Dress Up Your Wedding Columns

Wedding column decorated with flowersWedding columns are a popular decoration for both the ceremony and at the reception.They add an air of elegance and are simple to use.

You can place them on either side of the altar, or for an outdoor ceremony you can use them to simply mark the space. Or, place them at the entrance to the reception, behind the head table, around  the cake table, or use them as a beautiful photo backdrop.

Sometimes there will be columns that are naturally part of your wedding venue.  But it is also possible to hire them.  A popular choice for hire is Greek style columns that look like stone.

However you use them, you will want to decorate them. Here are a few ideas for dressing up your wedding columns, no matter where you decide to use them.

photocredit: rogersmith

Idea No.1 – The Magic of Fabric

wedding columns at a receptionUse white or light colored gauzy tulle fabric to wrap the columns. Secure it at the top with a big tulle bow, and add another at the center. You can use all one color, or use two coordinating colors for the wrap and for the bow. Or, use romantic organza or satin ribbons to place at the top, and have long trails of ribbon cascading down the columns.

You can see in this photo how I have used a light ivory organza fabric with a deep red satin ribbon to wrap these columns.

I’ve layered the red satin ribbon on top of the ivory organza. The ivory lightens these very dark coloured columns and the red coordinates with her color theme. Because these columns were fixtures in the reception room the bride didn’t want them decorated too ornately as that would have obstructed access to the tables.

However she didn’t like the dark brown painted color and this was a way to lighten them and give the room a more decorative wedding feel.

Idea No.2 – Throw Some Light on It

String small lights around your wedding columns to create a sparkling tower of twinking, romantic light. Using all white or clear lights looks classic, and matches any decor. Multi-colored lights tend to look too much like the holidays. If you do want to use colored lights,stick to one or two colors, or use them along with white or clear lights. If you don’t want to mess with extension cords, use battery powered LED lights. Start at the base, and wind the string around the column until you reach the top. Fasten the lights in place with double sided tape.

Idea No.3 – Flowers and Foliage

wedding columns decorated with foliageGo to a craft store, and find simple, green artificial vines. Start at the bottom, and wrap the vines around the column right up to the top. Secure them in place with hot glue, or use double sided tape. This looks really pretty in conjunction with lights. You can also use artificial flowers or real flowers and attach then to the wedding columns with floral wire or ribbons. Choose the same type of flower as in your wedding bouquet and decorations. You can add a bit of tulle ribbon or wired ribbon to set off the bouquets.

If you or your florist are able to decorate the columns in fresh foliage and flowers it can also look stunning. It does however take a lot of time and a large amount of flowers and foliage so it can be expensive. You can see me here decorating a column that is one of four that are actual fixtures in a room. At this venue we often get asked to decorate the columns to soften them and give the room a more romantic decorating columns for a wedding with foliage and flowerslook and feel.

Here I am decorating them in soft green ruscus leaves decorated with white Singapore orchids.

I really like using the Singapore orchids as their long flowing stems really suite being incorporated into columns, handrails and garlands.

Because these columns are fixtures at the hotel we would never add any type of fixing that would cause any damaging effect to the paintwork. These have been attached with a wire frame so that when they are taken down no marks or damage will be left on the columns.

Personalise Your Columns

Recently I have incorporated lots of butterflies into wedding columns to fit in with the butterfly wedding theme. The butterfly theme has often been featured in the invitations, favors or place setting cards and butterflies look so natural when placed within artificial or fresh garlands.

As you can see, it is simple to dress up your wedding columns! These are just a few ideas…really, you are only limited by what your imagination can come up with. It’s your day, so go wild!