A Few Simple Tips For Wedding Backdrops

wedding backdrops for the dance floorWedding backdrops are very important not only for the overall look and feel of your big day, but for your wedding photos. You want to be sure that the scenery behind you is appealing, and that it highlights you as a couple and keeps you as the focus.

I love the simple personalized dance floor decal that you can see here. What a perfect backdrop for that special first dance photo opportunity.

Whether you are getting married in a church, on a beach, or in a barn, your backdrop needs careful attention. Simple things that you may not notice at the time can make a huge impact on your wedding photos. An unused podium, a door, garbage cans, a parking lot or busy street in the distance…none of these things are what you want to include as part of your wedding scenery!

Tips For Wedding Backdrops

A portable backdrop is a great idea, since you can use it both at your ceremony and at your reception space. During the wedding, place it a few feet behind the officiant to provide a focal point, and also to block out anything you don’t want to see. You can use something as simple as a folding screen, decorated with gauzy fabric, lights and flowers, as a portable wedding backdrop. If you have a large space, use three to create an open gazebo type effect.

Bring the backdrop with you if you are having pictures taken outside, and you want to block off things like a parking lot or busy intersection in the distance. Then, at the reception, place your backdrop somewhere it can be used as a photo space for guests, or use it as a display wall for hanging photos or signage.

Be Creative

Use a spin on the traditional wedding arch as a backdrop. Place three or five columns behind your ceremony space, and drape them with cascading flowers and gauzy white tulle or other fabric. Using columns of different heights will add interest and drama. Then, you can bring this arrangement to the reception and use it to decorate the entrance or to either hide or accentuate another area. It can block off doors, or frame the guest book table for instance.

You can also use non traditional items for wedding backdrops. Wrought iron gates, holding candles, make an interesting scene. For a more rustic outdoor look, lattice screens entwined with greenery, nuts, berries, leaves and twinkling lights works well. If you have a theme for your wedding, use it in your backdrop.

Spot Interesting Areas Already At Your Venue

The easiest way to handle your wedding backdrops, of course, is to look around the space and use what’s there. Maybe your ceremony space is nice…but the rooftop patio is even nicer. Or the church altar is pretty, but their backyard garden is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can have your ceremony in a different area of the facility.