Wedding Pew Decorations

bows used as wedding pew decorationsInspirational Ideas for Wedding Pew Decorations

Wedding pew decorations in a church really add a sense of romance and occasion. Just imagine how your guests will feel as they enter your church to a magical aisle decorated with your individual style and colour theme. Then imagine how you are going to feel as you glide down that aisle.

Many brides have used the inspiration of wedding pew decorations even if they are not getting married in a church. The same ideas can be translated onto chair backs for a civil wedding indoors or outside.

For years now I have been decorating pew and chair ends for both church and civil weddings. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

Flower Wedding Pew Decorations

Creating pew ends out of flowers adds a perfusion of fragrance, color and texture to your wedding venue. The great thing about using flowers is you will instantly link your color and flower theme to your wedding venue. I always use the flowers that the bride has chosen for her wedding bouquets.

The options are endless; you can decorate every pew end in a cascading arrangement of flowers or simply choose one statement flower like a rose and tie it with a coordinating satin ribbon bow. It all depends on what look you are trying to achieve.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to go mad and have every pew end decorated, then think about decorating ever other or the top and bottom pew ends.

Hanging Cones

I’ve seen hanging cones on beautiful satin ribbon handles used in a variety of ways. If you use lightweight metal cones, you or your florist can place large flower heads such as hydrangeas in them. They look stunning on the flat pew end facing the aisle.

You could also purchase or make your own confetti cones and use them as beautiful decorations during the ceremony. These cones are made out of decorative card with coordinating satin ribbon handles and filled with colored rose petals. You simply hang them on the pew ends or chair backs.

Theses confetti cones are then lifted off by the guests at the end of the ceremony and scattered on the bride and groom during that classic photo moment. The only time I don’t recommend using these is for an outdoor wedding, just imagine what would happen if the wind picked up before or during the ceremony!

Floor Based Pew End Decorations

How about putting a decorative plant on the floor in front of each pew end? Recently we decorated a beautiful ancient castle for a civil ceremony with a vintage wedding theme. I placed large enamel jugs filled with a bouquet of natural garden flowers on the floor of the pew ends. We also placed the jugs on the large windowsill where the bride and groom stood for the ceremony. These arrangements were then carried by members of the wedding party to the reception venue where they doubled up as table decorations.

You could do a similar idea with lanterns that are placed on the floor to mark each row of chairs or set of pews. I would suggest filling the lanterns with flower petals rather than candles if they are going to be placed on the floor. The last thing you want is on one the guests or even the bride to set her dress alight as she brushes past them!

Bows and Ribbons

Wedding pew decorations made from large satin or tulle bows can give you a romantic fairytale look without having to do anything else. These are perfect as diy wedding pew decorations. You can easily make up the bows in advance, store them and then ask a member of the wedding party to attach them on the morning or the night before the wedding. This can be a fun activity for adult bridesmaids to do.

Fixings and Attachments

One golden rule that my team always stand by is that we never use any fixings that will have a long term damaging effect on the pews or chairs. So if you are making your own wedding pew decorations just remember that. You must not use any kind of adhesives for example sticky tape or glue. You must also not make any permanent fixings with things like nails. You can easily create beautiful ways to fix your pew ends using colourful ribbons or commercial pew end attachments that don’t leave any marks.